Sliding Glass Panels

Sliding Glass Panels

If you want to use the terrace all year round, we can seal your roof with custom glass sliding walls. The sliding walls are available as front and side walls. This protects you from wind and rain even in the cold winter days.

The 10 mm toughened glass panels are cut to size and mounted. As a nice finish and closure, vertical aluminum profiles are attached in sets of 2 to the post and/or wall. This is where the sliding glass walls slide in.

During the measurement, our specialists investigate whether an aluminum foundation tube is required for under the rail system of the sliding walls. This will then be further handled in consultation with you.


Global Veranda offers both round and rectangular aluminum adhesive handles that are applied directly to the glass.

We offer strips to prevent drafts at the sliding walls. Keep the cold, dust and moisture out with the Global Veranda draft excluders.

Example: for 4 sliding glass doors you need 3 draft excluders.


3-rail system
4-rail system
5-rail system
6-rail system